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September 14, 2023

Within3 in industry tech news

Innovative applications for AI are making news in the pharma industry. Here’s an update on the latest.
AI in pharma news

In Gold magazine, journalist Jade Williams rounds up top healthcare technology stories of the past several months, highlighting four innovative examples of how companies harness AI in pharma to benefit key stakeholders. What stories top the latest AI in pharma news?

Amid a backdrop of rapidly developing AI capabilities, the pharma and biotech industry is searching for ways to safely apply the technology to speed the development of safe and effective treatments without straining budgets. In this installment of “Spoonful of Technology,” Williams highlights Genesis Therapeutics’ $200m funding round to take the company’s pipeline of AI-driven medicines through clinical testing, Boehringer Ingelheim and RetinAI’s collaboration to accelerate the development of treatment for geographic atrophy, and SaaS company SandboxAQ’s launch of a simulation division to drive advances in cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s treatments.

Williams also highlights Within3’s recent launch of Moderator Assistant, an AI-powered feature that helps pharmaceutical companies get more high-quality feedback while reducing the analysis and reporting workload by 90%. Thus far, more than two dozen of the world’s top pharma companies have opted into using the new feature.

“After years of hearing from the market, we know that aggregating and understanding insights is a priority for pharmaceutical teams,” said Jaclyn Clark, product marketing leader at Within3. “In our insights management survey, 76% of industry leaders told us that the way data and insights are shared and stored within their organization creates separate data silos, obstructing generating or sharing insights efficiently.”

Read the press release to learn more about Moderator Assistant and other platform updates and changes.

Read the full article in Gold Magazine.

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