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September 15, 2022

Within3 in Outsourcing Pharma: the patient voice in trial design

Within3’s Vice President of Product Commercialization and Training, Natalie DiMambro, talks to Outsourcing Pharma about incorporating patient voice in clinical trials.
patient voice in clinical trials

It’s common for drug development teams to underestimate the power of patient voice. They may not even consider trial participants until clinical trial development is already in process. However, teams can do more by leveraging insights management technology and considering patient voices all along the path to commercialization.

Speaking to Outsourcing Pharma last month, Natalie DiMambro, Within3’s Vice President of Product Commercialization and Training, talked about the importance and impact of patient voice on the clinical development process.

“Historically, the life science industry is known for its commitment to proven methods for collaborating on processes like protocol development. But now, companies are facing shifting expectations, both from consumers and from business partners.”

“To increase the likelihood of success, clinical research teams are evolving the old operational model and favoring a more patient-centric approach.”

DiMambro discusses why discovering patient preferences after forming a trial strategy could result in delays. She also details how teams can incorporate the patient voice earlier in the clinical trial design process.

As one example, DiMambro states: “This could mean engaging with patients to get their feedback on a proposed trial protocol. You could also set up a virtual resource center or community where patients can find the information they need or ask questions of experts or each other as they participate in the study.”

Virtual engagement processes and an insights management platform offer trial teams and patients many advantages. These technologies make it possible to overcome language barriers, physical distance, or other challenges that would otherwise get in the way.

You can read the entire Outsourcing Pharma Q&A here.

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