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February 5, 2021

Podcast: CEO Lance Hill on Within3’s growth

Listen to a discussion with investor, author, and entrepreneur Alejandro Cremades and Within3 CEO Lance Hill.
tech growth

In early 2020, Within3 was already poised for a year of steady growth. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded and demand for the company’s life science insights management platform accelerated, CEO Lance Hill balanced the need for more employees to provide world-class products and client services – all while closing more than $100 million in growth funding. What’s next in tech growth for this dynamic organization?

“When you’re starting a business, it requires such faith that you’re going to be successful, to take the risk to start a business anyway…that it can [conceal] the potential flaws in what you’re doing or make you not notice where you’re actually wrong,” said Hill. “I know there’s a school of thought that says, ‘I have a vision, and my vision is right, and I’m going to pursue my vision no matter what, and the world will get where I am because I know I’m right.’ I don’t subscribe to that.”

In the interview, Hill discusses his background, how he gravitated to the tech industry, why he founded Within3, and the challenges of running a high-growth business that’s also focused on providing customers with an exceptional level of strategic support. He also shares some perspective on why founders should pay attention to what the market needs, and why a small amount of paranoia can ultimately be a good thing.

The value of rolling up your sleeves and getting things done yourself knowing that no one’s going to come help you – that was the big thing that I learned.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Hill’s advice for entrepreneurs, choosing the right growth financing partner, and how he approached expansion and hiring during the pandemic.

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